Portrait picture of Adv. Shosh RabinowitzShoshana Rabinowitz Law Office specializes in international trade, consumer law, regulation and compliance. Shoshana has over 10 years of experience in consulting small, medium and large enterprises on all business aspects.

Shoshana is fluent in English, Hebrew and Dutch, speaks good German and reasonable French. She is experienced and comfortable negotiating complicated business transactions with foreign partners.

Our office provides personal and efficient service. Our broad understanding of the business sector enables us to tailor the solution best suited to the circumstances of each individual client within the boundaries of the law.

Shoshana Rabinowitz has professional ties with the Ministry of Economy, the Commissioner for Consumer Protection and Fair Trade, as well as the Ministries of Health and Transport. Over the years, she has assisted hundreds of small, medium and large firms with legislation, regulation, compliance and international dispute resolutions.

Shoshana Rabinowitz also serves as a mediator in consumer affairs and is Head of the legal committee of “Public Trust”, an Israeli organization promoting fair trade. In addition she serves as a member of the International Trade Law Committee of the Israel Bar Association – Tel Aviv District. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Israeli Institute for Commercial Arbitration, which was founded by the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce and headed by Supreme Judge (Ret.) Ayala Proccacia. Shoshana is involved in international arbitration cases at the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Court of Arbitration (ICC).

Shoshana Rabinowitz previously served as Director of the Legal Department of the Tel Aviv and Central Israel Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. During this period, she consulted many of Israel’s leading companies in sectors such as retail, internet sales, wholesale, jewelry, communication, importers (car parts, medical devices, food supplements, medicine, orthopedic equipment, fireworks, cigars and cigarettes) the seed industry, the Israeli Association for Transport, The Israeli Car Rental and Leasing Association.

Shoshana has represented the interests of small and medium suppliers in bankruptcy procedures (Mega, Eden Teva Market, Dr. Baby) and successfully navigated legislation initiatives from bill status to becoming official Israeli Law. One such example is the passing of the Commercial Agency Law.in 2012 She frequently participated in legislative committees of the Knesset representing the interests of the business sector on matters such as the amendment to the consumer protection law adding administrative enforcement, the amendment in the standard contract law, laws applying to distance selling, spam law, as well as mandatory refunds after sales. Shoshana is frequently invited to lecture on several trade law topics for the Israel Bar Association and at professional conferences.

Shoshana has a bachelor degree in Political Science and Russian Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an LLB from the Academic Center for Law and Business. She became a member of the Israeli Bar Association in 2006.

Shoshana Rabinowitz is a qualified notary in Hebrew, English and Dutch.

Among our clients:

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