Consumer Law

Consumer protection and fair trade laws increasingly impact businesses and companies across all industries.

Growing awareness in the consumer environment has extensive implications on transactions, interactions and activity with the consumer that must be navigated properly. Because of the multitude of legislation in this field, including the possibility to administer civil enforcement and high fines, businesses need to be well informed and prepared.

Another challenge comes from the strong consumer awareness of the Israeli public which does not hesitate to use the legal system to claim their rights.

Our office provides legal and professional services on all consumer related issues:

  • Price tag laws and regulations
  • Product labelling
  • Consumer protection law
  • Sales and membership clubs
  • Cancellations and returns laws and policies
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Virtual trading- internet sales, internet policies
  • Complaints about misleading the consumer
  • Dealing with class actions on consumer related issues
  • Writing and preparing defense cases against small claims
  • Contracts and agreements with consumers
  • Compliance programs
  • Accessibility laws and regulations
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