The end to end of season sales?

Thoughts on the consumer law proposal on price reductions
Published in the Jerusalem Post of  11.5.17

Although a revision is necessary, the current proposal is not practical as of yet as is explained in this article which appeared in The Jerusalem Post of 11.5.17.

Israeli’s love sales. This might be the reason why retailers offer their goods and services almost all year round as special offers, end of season sales, reductions, and other sales, trying to convince the consumer to pay less and get more.

But are these really “sales”? What do these reductions include? Was there a regular price prior to the sale? A proposed amendment to the Consumer Protection Law, initiated by the Authority of Consumer Protection and Fair Trade, tries to put some order in this field. The amendment sets clear rules as to how long a product needs to be sold at its regular price prior to offering it on sale and limits the period of the sale.

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